The Key to Digital Marketing Success
KISS—Keep It Simple & Smart

Jason Falls Shares His Secrets to Digital Marketing Success

Too many experts offering too much advice can make social marketing too complicated.

In this eye-opening guide, author and social media expert Jason Falls separates the signal from the noise and explains how you can get better results with simple & smart campaigns.

Key topics he covers include:

  • SEO—Onsite SEO, offsite SEO, custom meta descriptions... Do you really need to know all that?
  • Gaming the Facebook EdgeRank—Marketers obsess about doing that, but is it possible?
  • Mobile Marketing—You need an app, you need QR codes and mobile payments. Or do you?
  • Influencer Outreach/PR—Find the Klout and Cred scores for your industry's bloggers and target them. Or not.

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This must-read guide offers practical, easy-to-implement actionable advice.


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